Reservation and workflow software for
online travel agents and agencies

Two solutions

Bookinglayer Connect

Distribute Bookinglayer to your suppliers and resell packages from their accounts via your own Booking Engine.

Agent Add-on

Use a single Bookinglayer account and optionally provide logins to your suppliers.

Bookinglayer Connect

Bookinglayer Connect lets you resell packages from another Bookinglayer account.

Main advantages

  • Have a booking accessible in your own account as well as in the supplier's account.
  • Have an automatised booking workflow for you and your suppliers.
  • Take online bookings in your own branded Booking Engine.
  • Send manual/automated branded emails.
  • Let Bookinglayer split payments between you and your supplier (Q1 2020).
  • My suppliers don't use a booking system yet
    You might want to distribute Bookinglayer to your suppliers so that you can resell packages from their accounts via your own Bookinglayer Booking Engine. You receive a commission for each supplier who signs up for Bookinglayer.

    Bookinglayer + Agent Add-on

    My supplier has no central calendar
    You could provide your supplier with a login to your Bookinglayer account that allows them to block dates in the calendar belonging to their accommodation/activities.

    My supplier uses Airbnb/iCal
    Request the iCal URL from your supplier and store it in the settings of your Bookinglayer package.

    Bookinglayer API

    Realise integrations with your website or CRM/ERP tool using the Bookinglayer API.

    • Query availability, rates and product data.
    • Receive Webhook events on reservations, customers, payments and invoices.
    See our API Documentation

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