Customer Story



For me offering people a happy, active time with nice food and familiar feelings in great locations, is what I love most about what I do. Everybody is welcome, and that's an awesome feeling at the campsites. Bookinglayer has helped me to organise our bookings in a professional manner, so our guests are now experiencing a seamless booking process for their next holiday.Oliver, founder

Less questions due to an intuitive Booking Form

Bookinglayer has helped Oliver get rid of lengthy package descriptions on their webpage, and instead enables Beachme to offer and show all their different booking options to clients in the booking form - intuitive and automated. This saves him a lot of time explaining, and makes it easier for him to focus on what he likes the most: making people happy through beach volleyball and sports, and having fun while doing it. This is what he is the most grateful for at his job.

Organisation and flexibility

Bookinglayer has helped Oliver to stay organised, automating customer conversations through scheduled but personalised emailing, staying flexible through offering gift cards, and of course keeping an eye on financials with the Bookinglayer dashboard and reporting module.

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