Customer Story


Donegal, Ireland

Since we are a very small business, we could have decided to operate manually or without a booking engine. However, we made the decision that we needed the customer experience to be professional, seamless and fully online – hence we have an excellent website with direct connectivity to Bookinglayer and to our payment service provider. From our own perspective, it is nice to head out for a walk on the beach and come back to see booking notifications received via Bookinglayer – doing the work for us while we take time to relax and enjoy our amazing surroundings in Donegal, Ireland.Niall and Cathrine, founders

All in one system

The calendar as master control tool The feature Niall likes the most is the calendar, as it enables them to quickly and easily assess bookings, arrivals, departures in one view. They use this as their overall “master control” tool when managing Breac.House day to day.

Bookinglayer since day one

Niall opened Breac.House with Bookinglayer, which allowed him to offer customised stays to his guests. Everything at Breac.House is designed to make their guests feel like they have experienced something new, something special, something unique, and something they will remember for a long time after they leave. Niall and his team are very happy they have all the time to do that, and not waste time with handling bookings manually.

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