Customer Story

Camp Woodwings


For the past years, we have grown to become an international camp with up to 23 nationalities, and an amazing mix of people and that makes me so happy. As the camp grew, the need for a booking system grew as well. Bookinglayer has helped me to save time and energy with an intuitive and automated system. Before the camps start I work full time, but during the year I’m almost free because of the many automation features the system offers me.Dominiek Grauls, founder

Automated payment system

Dominiek was wasting time and energy on making and managing excels’ and invoices. He also had to manually answer all received emails and extract all booking data, which took up a lot of his time. When starting to work with Bookinglayer, he has been able to automate the payments and doesn’t have to follow up on each individual booking anymore.

Saving time and energy

Before using Bookinglayer, Dominiek used to spend at least 20 hours a week manually organising everything, while nowadays, he is only doing social media and helping out customers and fellow longboarders by email. In short, he says he used to waste his time and energy on unnecessary tasks, and can now dedicate his time to personal things of his liking.

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