Customer Story

Da Silva MTB & Surf

Lourinhã, Portugal

I had to fill each detail of a booking in a different Excel sheet. That took me a lot of time and back and forth emailing, especially when someone wanted to change something about their booking. With Bookinglayer, everything is in one place, and I spend a lot less time managing individual bookings, but instead have more time for what I actually want to do!Daniel Wohlang da Silva, owner

Optional add-ons to the standard package

Besides surfing, Daniel also guides mountain biking tours to the hidden gems of Portugal. Through Bookinglayer’s reservation page, he can easily let guests know that they are always welcome to upgrade their packages with extra activities, such as yoga or a boat tour. On top of this, Daniel is now also able to make his surf camp even more family-friendly by setting different prices for adults and kids.

Less digital but more personal contact with guests

The Da Silva Family loves hosting and connecting with people, as well as showing them around their beautiful home in Portugal. Through some clever automation, the family no longer need to spend countless hours answering emails and handling other administrative tasks but instead get to enjoy more personal time with their guests, ensuring that as they like to say it “Come as guests, leave as friends”.

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