Customer Story


Sixacre, Ireland

For many years, my husband and I had a vision of owning our own outdoor adventure centre and camping grounds and in 2017 we finally opened our doors with IOAC. Owning a business bears many challenges, we are learning and adjusting as we progress. Bookinglayer has helped us with exactly that. We are also linked with other nearby businesses and it has helped us to grow and engage with those partners.Carmel Tennant, co-founder

Amazing support makes the difference

What Carmel likes the most about Bookinglayer is the whole support system. She says there was quite some work involved in setting up all of IOAC and its pricing, but the Bookinglayer team guided them throughout the whole process, which made it a lot easier for her. The Bookinglayer Help Center also helped her with any problems or issues that she encountered on the way. She found that information is regularly updated and, even though Carmel is not a very technical person, she thinks that Bookinglayer is a very user-friendly system, and the interaction with the Bookinglayer team is very supportive and clear.

Better reporting

Prior to working with Bookinglayer, Carmel used a different booking system that was quite limited in terms of generating reports. Overall it was quite frustrating for Carmel and her husband, who were especially looking for insights and statistics at the end of each season. Now using Bookinglayer, they can access their reports at any time and automatically generate reports in Excel at the end of the month.

Ultimately the outcome of my business is my priority and ensuring it’s growth into the future is a challenge that I look forward to. We have received many awards since the start of our business including the Enterprise Ireland Start-up award in 2019. This was a great achievement for our very young business and one we are very proud of.Carmel Tennant, co-founder

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