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I grew up surfing and always loved it. However, starting my own surf business was not even in my mind back when I worked in construction. When my friends and I started organizing kite trips every year, I realised that is what I want to spend my time on. Luckily, I had help from a lot of people I met during my travels to slowly but steadily create my own business. Today I am still travelling and working with partners all over the world, while Bookinglayer gives me the opportunity to focus on developing my business and other businesses, since I don’t have to spend time on managing bookings and other administrative tasks anymore.Christian, founder
Christian, KiteHolland founder

Cloud booking software makes life easier on many levels

Christian developed his own system but over time, there were a lot of bugs and it cost him a lot of time to keep it updated and working. On top of that, he was still manually sending out emails to each individual guest. Now, he is happy to have found an intuitive and wholesome system with Bookinglayer. Once you set up rooms, packages or automated emails, for example, they are ready to use and you only need to tweak little things during the year in case you need to adjust.

Frontoffice in Bookinglayer

More time to travel and help other businesses grow

Christian enjoys travelling and is working with partners all over the world while helping small businesses develop and grow. He does this by connecting local businesses, so they can help one another to grow and build sustainable partnerships. As Christian does not have to worry about his own business, managing reservations and emails, he has a lot more time to help other businesses now.

KiteHolland team

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