Customer Story

Pura Vida Lodge

Mimizan Plage, France

Since I'm using Bookinglayer I save on average 8 hours a week on managing reservations. I don't need to check whether a guest has paid or not as Bookinglayer does it for me and to make sure my airport transfers run smoothly Bookinglayer automatically sends an email to request arrival information 5 days before their check-in date.Sven Daans, owner
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Direct bookings with Bookinglayer

In the past Sven received his enquiries by email. On average 6 emails were needed before Sven added the booking to an excel calendar. Now 90% of his guests make their booking online using Pura Vida’s booking form provided by Bookinglayer.

Simplify your workflow

Sven's new work week

This is how Sven saves 8 hours per week:

  • 4 hours on confirming bookings
  • 2 hour on checking and chasing payments
  • 1 hours on creating invoices
  • 1 hour on chasing arrival information

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