Customer Story

Raff Raff

Black Forest, Germany

Our goal is to get people on the water and create a joyful experience. That’s why teaching people how to paddle is my passion, I could do that all year long. Thanks to Bookinglayer, I now have more time to teach, instead of sitting behind the computer all day.Raphael Kuner, owner

All in one system

Raphael is happy that he can manage and offer everything in one system. The PackageBuilder enables him to create packages that combine activities with certain add-on items, so he does not have to use multiple systems to make everything run smoothly. Instead, he runs his two businesses through Bookinglayer and is happy to offer his guests a booking experience that is just as smooth.

Freedom and flexibility

Raphael used to spend a lot of time answering his staff’s questions and fixing problems. Now that his employees have access to the system themselves, he naturally spends less time being ‘available for questions’ but instead enjoys the flexibility of being outside and on the water.

Bookinglayer gives us the freedom and the flexibility to develop our business as we feel is best for us. The app is not the limit, the limit would be our creativity. But that’s endless.

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