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Imsouane, Morocco

Before Marcel and I met, he was the owner of a restaurant in Morocco, but his dream was to open up his own surf and yoga camp. When we met in France, we slowly started dreaming about owning this camp together and years later drove to Morocco, buying surfboards and wetsuits on the way there. Marcel knows Morocco and speaks the language fluently, while I have a background in business. I remember our first guest like it was yesterday and we grew so much since then. That is also why we are very happy to have started working with Bookinglayer. With the system doing at least half the work for us, we get to enjoy the surroundings like we used to.Sandra, co-founder
Sandra and Marcel

Saving time with the Day Planner

Sandra meets with the staff every morning. With Bookinglayer, these meetings now take less time and hassle, as the Day Planner gives a clear overview of everybody’s daily tasks. They say it does half the work for them. Besides the daily planner being her favourite feature of the system, Sandra values the personal and friendly relationship with Bookinglayer as a business partner. As Sandra says: The team is very helpful and I now spend a lot less time worrying about everything going smoothly.

Day Planner in Bookinglayer

Automating with a personal touch

Before working with Bookinglayer, Sandra’s life was a lot busier, as she was managing all the bookings manually, which required a lot of time and organization. She manually created all invoices, counted guests to know how many people attend meals or activities, and sent email reminders to each individual guest. In her eyes, Bookinglayer seems to be designed especially to help businesses like Sandycamps, automating their reservation processes. She also appreciates the team helping to further tailoring it to what they do and need.

Sandycamps website

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