Increase bookings through social

Published on August 25th 2017

Increase your surf camp bookings through social media

It is a no brainer that social media can be good for business. That is why you are probably using social media like Facebook and Instagram daily. Maybe you are even using paid ad campaigns. What we would like to discuss here however, is how to use your social media presence to attract more people and to get more bookings.

We are not just talking about how posting great pictures of your surf camp location and the awesome parties you are attending during camp week are an important part of your social media presence, this is very important for potential customers to get inspired by what you offer. However, we would also like to discuss how the social behaviour of your customers has an effect on your reputation and customer engagement.

Hang out where your audience is

Before you start shouting out to the public, there are a few things you need to think about when getting in touch through social media.

The first thing you need to think about is your target audience. Of course you know the average age of your surf camp bookers and that most of the people who want to come to your camp are the ones who want to learn how to surf. On the other hand there is also the question of what other activities they enjoy doing on their holidays and which social media channels they use most frequently. Try to understand what moves them, and how they would like to interact with you. This determines the channels you should activate as well as the type of language you should use.


Different platforms for different needs

While Instagram and Pinterest are very effective for showing great photos of your surf camp groups last summer, Facebook will be more relevant when using more text, like when explaining something about the facilities and deals that your surf camp offers.

Your target group does also look for different things on other channels. Pinterest is a channel used rather for inspiration, whereas Facebook and Instagram are more for inspiration as well as to share your experiences. Being present on different channels at the same time gives you even more opportunity to interact with your audience.

As you might see when you post on 3 different channels every other day or so, it’s a rather time consuming activity, and therefore it is even more important to pinpoint where you want to be visible for your audience.


Create inspiring content

When you have an idea of what interests your potential customers and where to find them on the right social media, you can start connecting with them through inspirational content. Not just any content, but relevant to your target audience. Think about the fact that your potential customers might not even be searching for a mind-blowing surf camp holiday yet, how would you get their attention?

Show them what they want to see - great photos of your location, the killer waves, nights at the bonfire, the delicious food they can get at your location, anything that makes them want to go on holiday with you. Right now.

Next to photos, and maybe even videos, publishing inspiring posts on things happening in your area can also help grow your credibility and recognition. Write about the top 5 attractions in your area, the best bars to get cheap, but great cocktails and beers or the best deal for booking a flight to your surf camp destination. This also gives the opportunity to attract visitors to your website as most of these posts are too long to be posted on social media.

What to do with such long content?

Having a blog on your website makes it possible to publish the aforementioned longer content posts. With this you also redirect your prospects from your social media profile to your website, bringing them closer to your contact and booking page. In addition, visitors reading your blog can also share your blogpost on their own social media, making it a two-way tool. Another advantage of having a blog for your website is for SEO purposes. To get to know more about this we recommend that you read our post on SEO for more website traffic.

Sharing relevant, topical content makes people want to follow you on social media, which then makes it easier for you to get in contact with them a second, third or fourth time. As booking a holiday does not follow a one-stop-shop kind of process, this is a very good way to get these people more engaged with you over time and ultimately become happy customers.


Treat your fans like you treat your neighbour

Besides getting in contact with your audience yourself, your fans and customers are also able to get in contact with you via commenting options and posting about their own experiences with you. The way you handle your customer service on social media is therefore an important factor in keeping a good reputation.

Promise yourself to manage all your social activities. Always respond to any questions or remarks from your visitors or fans, good or bad, and try to do it within an hour . This might seem like a lot of work, but think about this; no response is also a response, but not the one you want to give your audience. It gives them the impression you do not care.

Also do a search for your company name on your active social channels every once in a while to see if and how people are talking about your company and services. If you see customers promoting you in their network; great! If not, still give them a reply. Keep it personal and friendly at all times.

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