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We encourage autonomy of our staff, to manage their own schedules and make decisions when possible.


We use the latest technology in all areas of our business so our staff stay ahead of the game with global innovations.


We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual company where diversity is encouraged and embraced.

Senior Frontend Developer

We’re looking for a frontend developer who will be able to join the team and help us out with further developing our product. The ideal candidate should have experience with React, React Native, Redux & jQuery and a solid understanding of “the basics” of web dev (HTML / CSS / JS). If you’re interested in being part of a small but growing team we’d love to hear from you! Send us info on your profile, past projects you’ve worked on and some of your passions outside of coding. We are looking for someone who can work independently and is self motivated to take charge of their own working hours - we do not micro-manage. We have an office space in Zarautz, Spain or an alternative option in Byron Bay, Australia, where you will be required to work from for most of the year. We are open to some months per year of remote working from anywhere in the world. We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual team and appreciate someone with an open mind, interest in the surf and travel culture, and who wants to be a part of a young, innovative and driven company.

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Account Manager

Bookinglayer is seeking a talented account manager who wants experience working in an innovating and exciting industry. The role will be focused on account management, technical support and content production. A high level of written English is required, great communication abilities, and it’s desirable to have knowledge of SaaS products. Required to have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, business or a related field experience. This position is relatively flexible and we are looking for someone who wants to grow with the company into a more senior role. Apply now

Business Development Specialist

Bookinglayer is seeking a talented and competitive entry level Business Development Specialist to continue the rapid growth of our SaaS product. The role entails making dozens of calls and emails per day generating interest and qualifying prospects. You should have experience with using cloud based software systems, CRM systems, and be fastidious with data entry. It is extremely important to have excellent written communication skills. Most communication in our company is done through writing, therefore the ability to articulate yourself in English is essential. You will be communicating with the technical, support and management teams. Required to have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field plus 3+ years in a similar development role, and a love for adventure is a must!

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