Product Roadmap

Features to be excited about


Digital waivers

Streamline the checkin process by having customers sign a digital waiver before they arrival on site for their activity or service.

Gift Cards, Vouchers and Credits

Customer can purchase groups of products and redeem them separately. They can track their remaining credit within the customer portal.

Consumer App

Offer your customers your custom-branded App with features such as push notifications for flash sales, events or promotions.

Age Parameters

Add conditions on booking ability and pricing based your guest’s age.


Mobile App

The backoffice app allows Bookinglayer users to check booking information on the fly, and communicate internally with fellow users.

Staff management

Assign instructors to activities or cleaners to rooms. Track staff working hours through insightful reports.

Advanced seasonal settings

Set a different number of minimum nights or days on each product, according to the season.

Dashboard and advanced reports

A more advanced reporting dashboard with statistics that allow you to make better business decisions in real time.



Connect to over 1000 different applications with a Bookinglayer - Zapier integration.

POS Integration

Track your customers throughout their entire journey, logging their restaurant, cafe or retail purchases in their Bookinglayer customer account.

Yield Management

Adjust your product rates based on occupancy. Activate flash sales if you have low occupancy, or increase your prices in busy periods.


Sell products from another Bookinglayer account to create packages or earn commissions.

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