Product Roadmap

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Mobile App

The Bookinglayer backoffice app will allow you and your staff to keep track of inventory, arrivals, departures, client data, booking information and payment histories.

Digital waivers

Do you have a waiver form that all your customers must sign before participating in one of your activities? Streamline this process by accepting a digital signature.


Offer extra products to your customers as they are making a reservation. Set conditions on which products are displayed for upselling such as duration of stay, number of guests, or minimum spend.

Entire property rental

Rather than just having individual beds available for reservation you will soon be able to offer an entire house/location.

POS Integration(s)

We are in the process of selecting POS solutions to partner with, stay tuned.

QR codes

Send clients a QR code that can be stored in their Passbook application. Useful for the larger activity centre.

Seasonal variations

Set a different number of minimum nights/days according to the season.

Tourist/City Tax

Many locations need to pay a tourist tax that is a flat rate per person per night instead of a percentage of their booking fee. This feature will allow your business to track this tourist tax.


With Zapier you will be able to connect Bookinglayer to a wide range of third party cloud applications.

Facebook Albums

Accelerate the building of your inventory by directly importing images from your connected Facebook account.

Gift Cards

Your customers will soon be able to purchase gift cards for their friends to redeem at your business

Video storage

Let customers purchase footage and give immediate access to share to their social networks.

RFID technology

Radio Frequency Identification technology for access control.

Social sharing

Interactive social sharing through consumer app.

Passbook & Pass Wallet

Hassle free ticketing for your clients. Let them access your location using their smartphone’s wallet.

Staff management

Staff scheduling, communication and reporting.

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