Software for wave gardens and parks

Manage high volume reservations with a bespoke system


Next Level Technology

The Bookinglayer reservation system has been designed specifically for wave gardens and parks. Take your park to the next level with innovative technology, streamlined process and flawless customer experience.

Video storage

Let customers purchase footage and give immediate access to share to their social networks.

RFID technology

Radio Frequency Identification technology for access control.

Mobile App

Business app for backoffice management. Consumer app to access and share footage and manage bookings.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate with payment gateways, accounting systems, POS systems, and more.

Social sharing

Interactive social sharing through consumer app.

Complex reporting

Reporting module with flexible variables and statistics for comprehensive reports.

Passbook & Pass Wallet

Hassle free ticketing for your clients. Let them access your location using their smartphone’s wallet.

Staff management

Staff scheduling, communication and reporting.

Cloud based

Keep everything in the cloud to login from anywhere, anytime.

POS integrations

Connect with your POS system for retail and restaurants.

User statistics

Comprehensive user data and behavior statistics.


Back and frontoffice in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic.


Customer transfers, inventory transport, carpark management.


24 hour support across 3 time zones.


Made for your bespoke market.

Limitless innovation

Our public API means that your imagination is the limit.

Trusted by leading surf operations

Processing over 7000 surf bookings weekly

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