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Hospitality in the time of COVID-19. Strategies for the new normal with Bruno Muchada

Tue June 2nd, 2020 4 PM CET

Everyone is adapting to the new reality nowadays. How can we approach the transformation of the tourism industry in the most effective way?

Let’s have a chat with Bruno Muchada, a Hospitality Consultant with 15+ years of experience in the industry. We’ll talk about the impact of the current situation on the hospitality sector and what it means for our business strategies.

We’ll give you practical examples of what you can do to adapt your adventure business to the new standards in the hospitality industry.

As Bruno says, “Hope is not a strategy”, so let’s take some time to evaluate what we can do to find smart solutions for the current challenges.

We’ll talk about:

  • what the Low Touch Economy actually means for us
  • how to increase safety and build trust
  • your infrastructure and how to adapt it to the new standards
  • day-to-day hotel operations
  • how to approach sales & marketing these days

Join us for the webinar on Tuesday, 2nd June 2020, at 4 pm CET!

Who is Bruno Muchada, our expert guest?
Bruno is a Co-Founder and a Senior Hospitality Consultant at Special Lodgings & Swell Consulting. He helps hotels optimize their operations, performance, and growth. His main experience in hospitality comes from management and control of properties. For many years, he held positions related to the administration, creation, and implementation of hotel projects.

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