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Using smart automation tools and the ability to let team members work with a simple to use Backoffice, you can simplify your life and spend less time behind the screen.

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Sell your experiences

Using the Package Builder you can sell an experience as a package. Whether that is a stay with some additional services and guided activities or an all inclusive retreat.


No more overbookings

Whether you receive a reservation through the Booking Engine, over the phone, by a walk-in guest or through a channel like Airbnb, they all consult the same calendar. Bookinglayer doesn’t only manage the availability of your rooms but does so for your activities and services as well.


Reduce human error

Booking management becomes a breeze. Forget doing price calculations, sending payments reminders or making invoices as Bookinglayer will do the job. Your price plan can come with multiple Backoffice logins and as every action in a booking is logged you can keep an eye on who does what.


No need to lose the personal touch

Though you can automate nearly everything you might prefer to keep humans involved in confirming reservations or in emailing your customers. With Bookinglayer you have control in how far you want to go and work with booking requests instead of direct bookings.


Booking Calendar

Booking an accommodation or a customised package via the central calendar only takes a few clicks.

Built-in CRM

Store all of your customer information in one place. Collect statistics to make better decisions.


Keep an eye on your KPIs with a realtime dashboard.

Financial Reports

Export reports on bookings, revenues and payments based on booking date, check-in date or payment date.

Returning customers

See instantly in Bookinglayer who is a returning customer and what they have spent in total.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to our templates to collect data specific to your business.


Leave internal notes for a booking to inform other members in your team.

Guest Check-ins

Leave internal notes for a booking to inform other members in your team.


Quickly find a reservation or a guest by booking ID or name.

Partner login

Permit partners to access your Backoffice with a restricted login.

User roles

Create logins for your staff and decide for each user which access level it has.



Bundle anything from your inventory into a package.


Sell nights for shared or private rooms, tents or apartments.


Sell activities based on flexible hours or predefined time-slots.

Services & Rentals

Sell a transfer service or a rental as part of a package.


Let your guests make a donation at the time of booking.


If you resell insurances you can add them too at a fixed rate or a percentage of the travel sum.

Group bookings

Simplify bookings for groups. Either capture all details or just from the main booker.

Arrival options

Per package you can define when guests can arrive. Within a certain time period, a set weekday or fixed calendar date.

Duration options

On packages you can set a fixed duration, flexible duration or work with duration variants (e.g. choose between 7 and 14 nights).

Confirmation options

Decide whether a product or package can be booked directly or whether a confirmation on your side is required.

Deposit options

Setup fixed or percentage based deposit rules for your bookings.

Quantity & pax pricing

Set rates based on a chosen quantity and/or number of persons.

Seasonal pricing

Set seasonal pricing to accommodate for high and low periods.


All your prices can be stored in multiple currencies or converted based on daily/fixed conversion rates.

Guest Profiles

Set different rates per guest profile, e.g. adults vs teens or a ‘surfing guest’ vs a ‘non-surfing guest’.


Setup VAT (GST) rates for your inventory items and packages. Optionally display Tourist Taxes on your receipts.

Day Rates

Increase or decrease default rates based on occupancy with the Rate Management module.


Let clients use a coupon code on your online booking form with conditions for certain dates, time periods and group size.

Discount Rules

Setup discounts and either apply them manually or let Bookinglayer add them automatically to your bookings when the conditions are met.

Gift Cards

Turn a cancelled booking into a gift card refund for a next booking or sell gift cards via your Booking Engine.


Arrivals & Departures

See what time and location your guests are arriving and departing from. Easily print for drivers and staff.

Blocked Dates

Quickly mark dates as unavailable for a selection of rooms via the central calendar.

Day Plan Manifest

Have a one page overview of all your guests, their accommodation and services they have booked.

Session Planner

Create groups and assign participants and instructors to them.


Print a list of rooms with current and upcoming guests.

Room Transfers

See an overview of guests who need to change rooms on a given day.

Dietary List

Generate a list of on-site guests and their dietary requirements.

Custom reports

Custom Reports can be setup and sent automatically if you still need data in an excel file.


Template Responses

Save hours per week on writing emails and enable your staff to manage booking without having to double check. Use our built-in email templates such as the Travel Reminder, Welcome Home or Transfer Info Request.

Reminder Emails

Let Bookinglayer check if a deposit or balance is still due and remind your customers via email automatically using one of your templates.

Multiple languages

Setup templates in multiple languages and let Bookinglayer pick the right one for each client.

Advanced Rules

Trigger the sending of an email or sms to your customer (or a staff member) when a booking status changes.


Payment Reminders

Setup reminder emails for a deposit or balance payment.

Group Payments

Allow each participant in a group to pay their share via the Customer Portal.


Register a refund or create a gift card refund to not have dates blocked in your calendar but provide credit for a future booking.

Foreign currencies

Register payments in a different currency than the booking’s currency.



Invoices can be closed automatically either on a booking confirmation, arrival or departure date.

Downloadable PDF

Let customers download a receipt (or invoice) as a PDF via the Customer Portal or attach it to an email.

Tax Breakdown

If you work with multiple VAT/GST rates, your invoices automatically include a breakdown of amounts per rate.

Credit Notes

Bookinglayer supports credit notes in case you need to credit an invoice or invoice line.


Send invoices, credit notes, customers and payments to your Xero account.

Sync availability with 150+ OTAs such as and Airbnb via the MyAllocator channel manager integration.

Send purchases from the Kounta POS app to your Bookinglayer account.

Using Twilio you can extend or replace your automated emails with sms.

Add a newsletter opt-in to your Booking Engine and Customer Portal and have your subscribers directly in your MailChimp account.

Synchronise your bookers with HubSpot and have bookings exported as deals in your CRM.

If you are based in Portugal you could use InvoiceXpress which will take care of your SAF-T process.

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