Highlighted feature

Digital Waivers

Have waivers signed before arrival

Prevent queues at the check-in. Using automated emails, Bookinglayer could send a reminder for an unsigned waiver. Your staff dealing with check-ins, will have a realtime overview of arriving guest and their waiver signing status.

Sign from any device

The Customer Portal, that renders the waiver(s) to be signed by your guest, can be accessed from any device. Users will use their mouse or trackpad when using a computer and their finger on a tablet or smartphone.

Reduce the use of paper

Forget about a storage solution for your printed waivers. Your waivers are stored on our servers and backed up once a day. You can download them at any time from your Backoffice.

No need for third party software

Not every reservation system comes with the option to capture and store digital waivers. Often you need an additional software solution and integrations are not always seamless. As digital waivers are critical for many adventure travel businesses we made digitial waivers part or our core.

Get the booking experience to a next level