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Backend Developer

We’re looking for a PHP-Laravel developer to help maintain our backend. Scroll down to learn more.

Life at Bookinglayer

A considerable part of our office is reserved to store boards as we are a 5 minute-walk away the beach.

We maintain the habit of making a pretty good lunch together every day. Poké bowls being a recurring recipe.

We encourage each other to visit clients when possible. Accommodations can be easily arranged for solo and team trips.

We don’t have a 9-5 mentality. You decide how your week looks like and when its on we won’t blame you when you’re out surfing.

Though we’re not located in a European tech hub we’re surrounded by some pretty cool companies, like Wavegarden.

When you work at Bookinglayer be prepared for a high geek level and lots of tech talk.

Yoga is part of the package. When you work fulltime we compensate you for two classes per week.

If you love to be surrounded by ocean and mountains then you might love to live and work from The Basque Country.

Backend Developer

We are looking for a (fulltime/freelance) PHP developer, ideally based in Europe. Some experience in Laravel or experience in other frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Cake is a must. You have the option to work from our office but we’re open to remote working so you could become a part of our team regardless of your location.

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