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We are close to release a new version of our API, allowing you to create apps on top of Bookinglayer or connect with third parties.

New Booking Engine

Our new Booking Engine provides more flexibility in designing your perfect booking flow and will be available in September 2020.

Mobile App V2

We are working on a new iOS and Android app to let you do booking management from your phone or tablet.

Zapier integration

Currently in private beta, we’ll be releasing our integration with Zapier once our new API is ready.

Session Management

We’re improving our Session Planner and enable you to let the availability of a package or activity depend on the availability of your staff.

Better Search

We are coming up with a global search feature in the Backoffice that lets you find guests, bookings and other items with a single query.

Google Tag Manager

Collect events from your booking and payment flow via Google Tag Manager.

Features we have added in the past

Enjoy updates on a regular basis. Your software won't get outdated.

  • June, 2020
    Digital Waivers module
  • May, 2020
    Payment integration with WeChatPay
  • Apr, 2020
    Chinese Frontoffice and Customer Portal
  • Mar, 2020
    Gift Cards and improved rebooking capabilities
  • Mar, 2020
    Support for Donations and Percentage based pricing
  • Feb 2020
    Payment integrations with Omise and Kasikorn Bank
  • Jan 2020
    Backoffice access for Partner
  • Dec 2019
    Pricing for Guest Groups
  • Nov 2019
    New Backoffice module Custom Reports
  • Oct 2019
    Support for Child Beds
  • Sep 2019
    Integration with Kounta
  • Aug 2019
    Improved Backoffice module PackageBuilder
  • Jul 2019
    Payment integration with PayU Latam
  • Jun 2019
    New booking status Waiting List
  • May 2019
    New Backoffice module Rate Management
  • Apr 2019
    Customer Portal Version 2
  • Mar 2019
    New Backoffice module Capacity Manager
  • Dec 2018
    New Backoffice module Dashboard
  • Sep 2018
    API Version 1
  • Mar 2018
    Integration with InvoiceXpress
  • Jan 2018
    Support for Currency Conversion
  • Oct 2017
    Support for multiple location-accounts
  • Jul 2016
    Payment integration with Xendit
  • Mar 2017
    New booking status Pending
  • Dec 2016
    Integration with MyAllocator
  • Sep 2016
    Payment integration with Mollie
  • Jul 2016
    Second release of Bookinglayer
  • May 2015
    Integration with Xero
  • Mar2015
    Payment integrations with Stripe, PayPal and Braintree
  • Nov 2014
    First release of Bookinglayer

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