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API V3 opens up a lot of new possibilities with it comes to integrating Bookinglayer with your own/third party software solutions.

Zapier Integration

Currently in private beta, we’ll be releasing our integration with Zapier once our new API is ready.

Resource Management

Let the availability of a package or activity depend on the availability of your staff or hardware such as boats, yoga mats or cars.

New Session Planner

A new Session Planner is on its way, making it easier for you to manage your groups and instructors via a single interface.

Better Search

We are coming up with a global search feature in the Backoffice that lets you find guests, bookings and other items with a single query.

Booking Management App

We are working on a new iOS and Android app to let you do booking management from your phone or tablet.

Features we have added in the past

Enjoy updates on a regular basis. Your software won't get outdated.

  • April, 2021
    Improved Booking list (Backoffice)
  • March, 2021
    Waiting List feature
  • November, 2020
    Booking Engine Version 2
  • November, 2020
    PayPal Checkout (Smart Payment Buttons)
  • October, 2020
    Backoffice module improved Payment Gateways
  • September, 2020
    Backoffice module improved Rules
  • August, 2020
    Backoffice module improved Custom Reports
  • June, 2020
    Digital Waivers including guest signature
  • May, 2020
    Payment integration with WeChatPay
  • Apr, 2020
    Chinese Booking Engine and Customer Portal
  • Mar, 2020
    Gift Cards and improved rebooking capabilities
  • Mar, 2020
    Support for Donations and Percentage based pricing
  • Feb 2020
    Payment integrations with Omise and Kasikorn Bank
  • Jan 2020
    Backoffice access for Partners
  • Dec 2019
    Pricing for Guest Groups
  • Nov 2019
    New Backoffice module Custom Reports
  • Oct 2019
    Support for Child Beds
  • Sep 2019
    Integration with Kounta
  • Aug 2019
    Improved Backoffice module PackageBuilder
  • Jul 2019
    Payment integration with PayU Latam
  • May 2019
    New Backoffice module Rate Management
  • Apr 2019
    Customer Portal Version 2
  • Mar 2019
    New Backoffice module Capacity Manager
  • Dec 2018
    New Backoffice module Dashboard
  • Sep 2018
    API Version 1
  • Mar 2018
    Integration with InvoiceXpress
  • Jan 2018
    Support for Currency Conversion
  • Oct 2017
    Support for multiple location-accounts
  • Jul 2016
    Payment integration with Xendit
  • Mar 2017
    New booking status Pending
  • Dec 2016
    Integration with MyAllocator
  • Sep 2016
    Payment integration with Mollie
  • Jul 2016
    Second release of Bookinglayer
  • May 2015
    Integration with Xero
  • Mar2015
    Payment integrations with Stripe, PayPal and Braintree
  • Nov 2014
    First release of Bookinglayer

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