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Bookinglayer is the leading reservation software for camps, retreats and holiday providers who provide more than just accommodation. See some examples of businesses that have a fit with Bookinglayer.

Surf Camps

Bookinglayer was launched in 2013 as the first reservation software solution for surf camps and lodges. Today we help hundreds of surf camps and lodges with online reservations, payments and activity scheduling.

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Yoga Retreats

With Bookinglayer’s reservation software many yoga retreats have increased their sales, streamlined their booking flow and saved time for their owners and staff. Bookinglayer can be used for fixed locations, teacher retreats and pop-up style retreats.

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Cycling & MTB Holidays

Guided bike or mountain bike tour operators use Bookinglayer to manage bookings, equipment and schedules in an all in one system.

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Wellness & Detox

Wellness and detox retreats are examples of businesses that benefit a lot from Bookinglayer.

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Climbing Camps

Reservation management for climbing camps. Package accommodation and guided climbing activities.

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Snow Camps

Reservation management software for snowboard and ski camps. Manage accommodations, ski and snowboard classes and gear.

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Dive Resorts & Liveaboards

Bookinglayer is the solution for free diving operators, dive resorts and Liveaboards who are keen to accept reservations via their own website and pay less commissions to resellers and OTAs.

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B&B and Boutique Hotels

Bookinglayer helps Boutique Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts that provide added services and need a property management solution that does more than just managing accommodation bookings.

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Skateboard Camps

Use Bookinglayer to handle signups for your skateboard camp.

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Language Camps

Package your language course(s) with external apartments, private and shared rooms as well as other services.

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Sailing Camps

Save time processing reservations for your sailing camp.

Coding Camps

Simplify reservations for a Computer or Coding camp.

Sport Camps

Use Bookinglayer to handle signups for a residential sport camp.

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Safari Holidays

Enable your website visitors to configure their next safari trip by themselves.

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Kite Surf Camps

Reservation management for kite surf camps. Manage accommodations, lessons and gear.

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