Bookinglayer Connect

Booking technology for platforms

  • Easily allow your partners to connect and share packages with you
  • Take direct bookings for any partner package hassle free
  • Always have up to date package availability, prices, descriptions and photos.

Bookinglayer Connect is currently available to surf travel agents. Not a Surf OTA? Contact us.

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Take direct bookings for your partners

Resell any shared package from a third party Bookinglayer account using your Booking Engine.

Decide to handle payments yourself or let the booker pay the partner and invoice commissions on a monthly basis.


Take bookings in your branded booking engine but redirect the booker to the partner for the payment. The booker will receive his invoice from your partner.


Capture both booking and payment via your booking engine. Issue an invoice to the booker from your Backoffice.

Automate further

Use our webhooks to push data to an external endpoint when a new booking is created, a payment is made, a booking has changed or customer data is updated.

Easily build any website or software integration using our Rest API.

Launch faster

Go live faster, without upfront costs or developments that are required to capture bookings and payments.

Simplify onboarding

With a click of a button partners can share all package details such as descriptions, photos, prices and availability.

Scale with ease

Tap into Bookinglayer’s customer network and easily grow your partner base.

Stay in control

Complete control in look & feel and have the ability to override titles and descriptions for branding and SEO purposes.

We've chosen to work with Bookinglayer Connect as our aim is to automate our booking process as much as possible. With Bookinglayer Connect we don't need to bother our partners to check for availability resulting in a much faster booking experience for our customers.Hans van Mourik, partner

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