Bookinglayer Connect

A booking platform for Online Travel Agents

Bookinglayer Connect

Bookinglayer Connect is designed for resellers and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) that are looking into ways to automise bookings for their partners.

Connect is currently in a beta stage. Access is granted depending on your company size and needs.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Empower self service

Receive bookings 24/7. Let your visitors configure holiday packages of your partners by themselves using your branded Booking Engine.

Save hours checking availability

Give your partner a Bookinglayer account or provide them with a calendar they need to keep up to date.

Automise emails

Once a new booking rolls in, automated emails can be triggered to be sent out to the booker, your team and your partner.

Share information easily

A booking processed by Bookinglayer Connect flows into your Backoffice but also in the Backoffice of your partner.

We've chosen to work with Bookinglayer Connect as our aim is to automate our booking process as much as possible. With Bookinglayer Connect we don't need to bother our partners to check for availability resulting in a much faster booking experience for our customers.Hans van Mourik, partner

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