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Your Booking Form can be used to capture any kind of reservation.


Customise the look and feel of your Booking Form to match your own branding.


Your Booking Form will look fantastic on any device - mobile, tablet or desktop.


Your Booking Form is served using secure SSL.


We understand packages

The booking flow depends on the characteristics of your package.

  • Flexible or fixed arrival dates
  • Fixed or flexible duration
  • Direct booking or booking request
  • Individuals or groups
  • Adults, teens or kids


Accommodation Selection

If your packages comes with accommodation, the first step in configuring the holiday covers the accommodation part.

  • Single Room Supplements for shared rooms
  • Room combinations & transfers to optimise occupancy
  • Smart gender configurations *

* The first booking on a date dictates the gender for future bookings in a room.


Activities, Rentals and Services

In the Backoffice you can define which items are included in the base price and which optional items can be added by the booker.

  • Decide which level of freedom the booker has in configuring his holiday.
  • Let your booker configure the package per person or for the whole group.

Cross Selling

When your booker is ready to complete his booking it could be a good moment to confront him with additional options based on how he has configured his package. Suggestions can be setup based on selected items, duration and number of persons.

Multiple currencies

Don’t let borders define your business. Allow your customers to choose what currency they would like to pay in.

Multiple languages

We made the Booking Form available in ten different languages. You just need to provide translations for the info related to the packages that you are selling.


If you work with vouchers your Booking Form will display an input for a voucher code and validates the code before discounting the booking.

Partner tracking

Let your partners use your Booking Form with a unique tracking code so you can track partner sales.


Use your existing website tools for your Booking Form

Newsletter Opt-in

Let people opt-in to your MailChimp newsletter at the last step the booking.

Live Chat

Add a chat button for optimal customer service to your Booking Form via one of our chat-integrations.

Visitor Tracking

Follow a visitor from reaching your website till completing a booking thanks to our Google Analytics-integration.

Ad Tracking

Measure conversions from your Google and Facebook campaigns.

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