Customer Story

Surf Spirit

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Before using Bookinglayer we had to react most of the time, to emails, to enquiries, to a lot of the accountancy challenges and problems. Working with Bookinglayer takes most of that away, so from reacting we can now go to acting and working on future projects and on the most important questions relating to our business.Nils and Dana, owners
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Collecting guest information through the customer portal

In the past, Dana and Nils sent out many indivdual emails to each guest confirming their surfing level, dietary preferences, arrival information, and more. Today they are using the Customer Portal to obtain answers to both preset and custom-created questions without having to send a single email.

With Bookinglayer they got their lifestyle back

Dana and Nils went from reacting to acting

They can now step away from their screen and find the time to

  • Explore new business and growth opportunities
  • Travel while remotely managing their business
  • Enjoy some time for themselves and get their lifestyle back

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