Customer Story

Drive Thru

Sri Lanka & Denmark

With Bookinglayer, we finally have a good overview of our three camps, rooms, activities and guests, all in one place. This makes the communication across camps and continents a lot more efficient. It’s also intuitive to use and with a few clicks, you find all kinds of overviews on finances, guests and booked services.Vivi, Camp Manager in Sri Lanka

Automating guest communication and payments

Besides improving their internal communication, Drive Thru also automates their guest communication from package configuration to emails to payments. Especially with emails such as the booking summary and payment reminders sending out automatically, they can lean back a little, trusting that Bookinglayer will do the job for them.

Links to the Customer Portal and Payment Form enable the guests to independently pay via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Assistance from Bookinglayer on site

In 2019 Bookinglayer's team member Mareike flew to Sri Lanka to visit Drive Thru in their Madiha and Polhena camps. Besides going for some waves, they were double checking Drive Thru’s account set up and inventory as well as brainstorming about potential features.

The result is a better product understanding on Vivi’s side, while Mareike came back with some first hand suggestions for our surf clients.

Thank you very much for the great and fast support. And also for stopping by at our camps to spend time with us, learning about and understanding our company and needs.

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