Customer Story



When I was younger I used to drive to Holland which was a long way from home, just to get to the ocean. After a while, I settled in Denmark and started giving kitesurf lessons at Westwind. There we have a unique opportunity because of the surroundings, something you don’t get anywhere else. Our surf center is located in the middle of surfers paradise with great conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. Ever since we are working with Bookinglayer we get to take advantage of this opportunity even more, because we worry a lot less about managing everything.Henning Gens, Manager Kiteschool

Spontaneous Scheduling

The Westwind team is grateful for a lot of features like the automated emails, but they especially like the session planner. Due to the weather in Denmark and the unpredictability of the ocean, they have to move people and lessons around a lot. Bookinglayer makes it easy for them to reschedule sessions and email the whole group about it. Also, Instructors can easily look up their scheduled sessions to know exactly what they have planned for the day and if anything changed.

More time for guests

Before going with Bookinglayer, Westwind worked with a lot of excel sheets that required a lot of manual input and time spent on basic organisation. Nowadays, the system does all that work for them, enabling them to spend more time with their guests. A personal touch is important to the Westwind team, as they welcome a lot of families and love for them to have fun without phones or anything else that can distract them from making new connections. Henning and his Team especially enjoy putting the time into helping kids to ride their first wave.

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