Customer Story

Surf Cascais

Cascais, Portugal

I love the ongoing improvements by Bookinglayer and their genuine focus on customers' needs. If I suggest something to the developers and they see an opportunity for everyone, that feature will be added to the system. This adds a lot of value to the relationship and shapes Bookinglayer to be the best system for your company. I can rely on it 100% and use it 7 days a week, 365 days a year. David Moore, owner

Starting a business being well prepared

David opened his surf villa using Bookinglayer right from the start, as he found it to be one of the most important tools to manage his company and sell Surf Cascais packages online. His favourite part of the system is the package configuration, offering countless configuration options both on the back and front end.

Staying up to date while surfing

David’s work is his passion, and for him it is a dream come true to run his own surf house. On top of being able to sell the lifestyle he loves, he also enjoys the administrative part of the job. To organise everything well, having real time numbers and data is really important to him. Good thing that Bookinglayer is tracking those information for him while he’s catching waves.

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