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Read how these business owners got their lifestyle back

Pura Vida Lodge

Bookinglayer helped the owners of Pura Vida Lodge in Mimizan (France) to reduce administrative tasks so they can focus on the fun part of their business.

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MTB Verbier

Jessica and Erik switched from Excel to Bookinglayer and now receive bookings while they are on their bikes.

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Surf Maroc

Bookinglayer serves as the motherboard for Surf Maroc who now operates several locations including a boutique hotel, villa, serviced apartments, yoga retreat centre, surf shop and surf school.

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Having worked with two other systems in the past, it seems Raphael has found the reservation system he needed for his two businesses in the German Black Forest.

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Camp Woodwings

Dominiek founded Camp Woodwings as the first downhill skateboarding and freestyle longboarding camp in Europe. Since having switched to Bookinglayer he enjoys much more free time than before.

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Surf Spirit

Bookinglayer enabled Nils and Dana from Surf Spirit to not only get their lifestlye back but also find the time to focus on growing their business and exploring new opportunities.

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For 5 years, Beachme has been offering beach volleyball camps for all levels. They offer package tours with accommodation, meals and of course beach volleyball.

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Surf Cascais

Bookinglayer has helped David from Surf Cascais to keep track of all organisational matters, as well as keeping track of numbers and reports. For him, that means more time for surfing, innovating and planning.

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Drive Thru

Alex, Waschdl and Raphi from Drive Thru are running three surf houses in Denmark and Sri Lanka. Bookinglayer helps them to keep a good overview as well as efficient management communication across all three locations, while the overall company itself is run from Germany.

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Da Silva MTB & Surf

Bookinglayer helped Daniel from Da Silva MTB & Surf reduce the time he spends on administration. Instead, he now spends more time with his family and showing people the country he loves: Portugal.

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Niall and Cathrine, the founders of Breac.House have been working with Bookinglayer from the start, allowing them to spend more time outside.

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Gota d'Agua

Ricardo and his three best friends Miguel, Gonçalo and Pedro are the founders of Gota d’Água Surf Camp. With the package builder feature, Bookinglayer helped them evolve from a hostel where you can get surf lessons to a surf camp.

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Westwind is a cold water surfing business in Denmark where the day to day weather conditions change a lot. Bookinglayer helps them to stay organised and keep a clear overview. It enables them to easily plan and reschedule sessions, while updating participants and instructors on the changes.

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Carmel, business director of International Outdoor Adventure Centre, is happy she chose to work with Bookinglayer. The team helped her set up the system for their Adventure Camps and Activity Centre, and she appreciates the fast responses of the Bookinglayer support.

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Tom and Monica from La Luz Surf

La Luz Surf

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